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Upstreaming Snabbwall

· 2 min read
Asumu Takikawa

As you may have seen from my previous blog posts (one and two), at Igalia we have been working on a layer-7 firewall app called Snabbwall.

This project is now coming to a close, as we've just completed the sixth and final milestone.

The final milestone for the project was upstreaming the source code to the main Snabb project, which was completed about a month ago in March. The new Snabb release 2017.04 "Dragon" that just came out now includes Snabbwall.

Now that we're wrapping up, I'd like to thank the NLNet Foundation again for sponsoring this project. Thanks also to other developers who were involved including Adrián Pérez (the lead developer who wrote most of the code) and Diego Pino. Thanks to Luke Gorrie and Katerina Barone-Adesi for merging the code upstream.

Just in case you're curious, I'll go over the status of the project now that it has been merged upstream. The main project repository now lives in a branch at Igalia/snabb. The branch is set to "protected" mode so that your pulls will always be fast-forwarded.

The commits in the development repo are current with the 2017.04 Snabb release. Any future maintenance that we do will continue in our development branch.

We will periodically send pull requests to the next branch at snabbco/snabb as needed from the development branch.

The upstream Snabb project follows a development model in which each maintainer of subsystems in the main Snabb tree have their own upstream branches (e.g., documentation or luajit) which eventually merge into next. Releases are made from next every so often (typically monthly). You can check out all the branches that are maintained here including Snabbwall itself.

Now that the final milestone is complete, I'll be working on other networking projects at Igalia, but do ping me if you end up using Snabbwall or would like to contribute to it.