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Website revamp

· 2 min read
Asumu Takikawa

Since it's a new year, I thought it was time for some change and revamped this website. While I was at it, I decided to switch to a new static site generator based on popular technologies.

My primary criteron for the SSG was something that was easy to use with sensible defaults and some opinion about how it should be used. I find that some popular SSGs are set up to be extremely flexible, but as a result it takes more effort to get started ("which of the 10 supported template languages should I pick?", etc.).

I also wanted to pick something using JavaScript, as a way to dogfood the technologies that I'm implementing as a JS/Wasm engine developer.

As a result, I went with Docusaurus. This lets me write almost all of the content using Markdown (well, technically MDX). The documentation was also much clearer than other tools that I (briefly) looked into.

The only frustration I have with the tool is that builds can be slow, which I'm not used to coming from much more minimal tools.

Finally, one thing that I will miss from my old setup is some of the document-as-code tricks that I pulled in posts like the article about slide presentations. That post originally rendered all of the example slides at document generation-time using the graphics code that is actually in the post. One of the example slides uses the RNG, so the diagram was different every time I built the blog.

I kept the old Scribble source code for that post here in case anyone wants to see how it was done.